Highly granular modeling of residential building stocks at national, regional, and local scales using OpenStudio/EnergyPlus.
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The develop branch is under active development. Find the latest release here.

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ResStock, built on the OpenStudio platform, is a project geared at modeling existing residential building stocks at national, regional, or local scales with a high-degree of granularity (e.g., one physics-based simulation model for every 200 dwelling units), using the EnergyPlus simulation engine. Information about ComStock, a sister tool for modeling the commercial building stock, can be found here.

This repository contains:

This repository does not contain software for running ResStock simulations, which can be found as follows:

  • Versions 2.3.0 and later only support the use of buildstockbatch for deploying simulations on high-performance or cloud computing. Version 2.3.0 also removed separate projects for single-family detached and multifamily buildings, in lieu of a combined project_national representing the U.S. residential building stock. See the changelog for more details.
  • Versions 2.2.5 and prior support the use of the publicly available OpenStudio-PAT software as an interface for deploying simulations on cloud computing. Read the documentation for v2.2.5.
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