Land Information System Framework

Land Information System Framework (LISF)


The Land Information System (LIS) is a software framework for high performance terrestrial hydrology modeling and data assimilation developed with the goal of integrating satellite and ground-based observational data products and advanced modeling techniques to produce optimal fields of land surface states and fluxes.

Development of LIS is led by the Hydrological Sciences Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

The software suite consists of three modeling components:

  1. Land surface Data Toolkit (LDT), a formal environment that handles the data-related requirements of LIS including land surface parameter processing, geospatial transformations, consistency checks, data assimilation preprocessing, and forcing bias correction,

  2. Land Information System (LIS), the modeling system that encapsulates physical models, data assimilation algorithms, optimization and uncertainty estimation algorithms, and high performance computing support, and

  3. Land surface Verification Toolkit (LVT), a formal model verification and benchmarking environment that can be used for enabling rapid prototyping and evaluation of model simulations by comparing against a comprehensive suite of in-situ, remote sensing, and model and reanalysis data products.

Please visit our website for more information:


Online documentation is available here.

Navigate into the docs/ subdirectory of this repository to view our documentation. See the docs/README file for instructions.


Visit our Discussions forum on GitHub.

Please note that the LIS team is small and provides support as time allows. As such, we ask for your patience when requesting assistance.


We welcome feedback and contributions from the LISF user community. Please review our Contribution Guidelines before opening an issue or pull request.


The Land Information System Framework (LISF) is released under the terms and conditions of the Apache License, Version 2.0. See

Please see the LICENSES subdirectories under ldt/, lis/, and lvt/ for the licenses of the third-party components within LISF.


Please use the following citations to cite or refer to the LIS software:

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Peters-Lidard, C.D., P.R. Houser, Y. Tian, S.V. Kumar, J. Geiger, S. Olden, L. Lighty, B. Doty, P. Dirmeyer, J. Adams, K. Mitchell, E.F. Wood, and J. Sheffield, 2007: High-performance Earth system modeling with NASA/GSFC’s Land Information System. Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, 3(3), 157-165, doi:10.1007/s11334-007-0028-x

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