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This is a fork of MyOpenLab, which became unmaintained in 2020. The original sources were gathered from

Differences to MyOpenLab

  • Provides self-contained distribution. No need to install any Java distribution any more.
  • Built using modern Java 14 technology
  • Maintained on GitHub

Manual installation:

  1. Clone MyLibreLab:
git clone
  1. Run with gradle:
cd MyLibreLab
./gradlew run

User documentation

User docs link

Code Setup

Java Development Kit 14

Currently, MyLibreLab also works on Java 11. You can install it using apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk on Debian and Ubuntu linux.

A working Java 14 installation is required. In the command line (terminal in Linux, cmd in Windows) run javac -version and make sure that the reported version is Java 14 (e.g javac 14). If javac is not found or a wrong version is reported, check your PATH environment variable, your JAVA_HOME environment variable or install the most recent JDK.

Download the JDK from On Windows, you can execute choco install openjdk (requires installation of chocolatey - a package manager for Windows).

IDE Setup

On Windows:

  1. Install NetBeans: choco install apache-netbeans.portable
  2. Install JDK 14: choco install libericajdk
  3. Edit C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\apache-netbeans.portable\App\netbeans\etc\netbeans.conf (as Admin)
  • netbeans_jdkhome="C:\Program Files\BellSoft\LibericaJDK-14"

Then "Apache Netbeans" can be started. Open the folder containing the project.

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