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Replaying Ethereum Hacks

Repo for Replaying Ethereum hacks.


npm i


This repo uses hardhat. Hacks are implemented as hardhat tests in /test.

The tests run on a local hardnet network but it needs to be forked from mainnet. To fork the Ethereum mainnet, you need access to an archive node like the free ones from Alchemy.

Environment variables

Add your Ethereum archival node URL to the .env file

cp .env.template .env
# fill out

Replaying hack

The hacks are implemented as hardhat tests and can therefore be run as:

npx hardhat test test/<name>.ts

Debugging transactions with tenderly

Set up tenderly.yaml in the repo root and follow this article.


# run this in second terminal
npx hardhat node
# run test against local network
npx hardhat test test/foo.js --network local
# you want an actual tx id which means the tx may not fail in eth_estimateGas already
# therefore hardcode some gas values
# {value: ethers.utils.parseEther(`100`), gasLimit: `15000000`, gasPrice: ethers.utils.parseUnits(`200`, 9) }
# the (failed) tx hash appears on the CLI after "eth_sendTransaction"
# --force is required to skip gas estimation check in tenderly
tenderly export <txHash> --force

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