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Set of multimedia libraries for games and gui applications. Currently in active development, so usage in big projects is not recomended. API can change with every version.

v0 6 0

##Simple docking implementation guiex02


  • anchovy.core - basic interfaces.
  • anchovy.utils - additional helpers.
  • - windows and rendering.
  • anchovy.gui - skinnable graphical interface. The only usable package right now.


  • dlib - vectors and matrixes
  • sdlang-d - gui markup files are stored in .sdl files
  • derelict-fi - for image loading (may be replaced by dlib image loader in the future).
  • derelict-ft - font rendering
  • derelict-gl3 - OpenGL renderer
  • derelict-glfw3 - window creation, input handling
  • derelict-sdl2 - window creation, input handling (abandoned)
  • derelict-util - used by other derelict packages

##Contributing: Any improvements, bug reports, feature-requests are highly appreciated.

##Building ###Windows and linux

Now the library can be built with dub.

To use in your project put a dependency like:

"dependencies": {
	"anchovy": ">=0.7.1"

To build example application execute in root folder:

dub build anchovy:example01 --build=debug --nodeps

You can download compiled examples from latest release. They include nesessary dll's. For linux you need to install libraries (glfw3, freetype, freeimage).

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