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Collection of orchestration-tools that help building an infrastructure or to orchestrate resources through NodeJS. Also comes with universal tools such as collections.

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Install from npm

This package can be installed using the following command: npm install sh.orchestration-tools.


The tools come fully typed in JSDoc, and the documentation for all released versions can also be found here:

Current list of included tools

  • Job - a class that can encapsulate and represent any (asynchronous) work. Supports Promise-based work, enhanced states, simple eventing and progress. As of v2.1.0, JobWithCost has been removed and cost is now supported by Job.
  • JobQueue - a queue that supports parallel jobs with free degree of parallelism.
  • JobQueueCapabilities - an extension to the JobQueue that can manage and run jobs based on their cost, rather than on plain parallelism.
  • Progress - a class used to report any kind of (generic) progress. Supports callbacks, events and Observables through RxJS.
  • ProgressNumeric - an extension (and simplification) of Progress especially for numeric progress.
  • IntervalScheduler and Interval provide a scheduling mechanism to schedule using timeouts or intervals (new in v1.6.0). Also, the schedulers now have a common base-class (Scheduler) and their schedules have one, too (Schedule).
  • ProcessWrapper and related classes (such as ProcessResult and ProcessOutput) to encapsulate child processes and let them run as Promises or Obervables (since v1.8.0).
  • Resolve - a class containing helpers to determine types of variables and to resolve functions and Promises to values of any type (since v2.6.0).
  • ManualScheduler and ManualSchedule provide mechanisms that align with the scheduler-concept and allow to trigger events manually (since v2.7.0).
  • Collection, Queue, ConstrainedQueue (a queue with limited size), ProducerConsumerQueue (a queue where producers add (defer if full) and consumers obtain items (defer if empty), since v2.30.0), Stack, ConstrainedStack (a stack with limited size, since v2.28.0) and LinkedList*/LinkedListNode* provide fully tested collections that are often needed in JavaScript (since v2.9.0/*v2.10.0)
  • Dictionary and Cache (which extends it) are fully generic dictionaries that support strings and Symbols as keys. Cache is a capacity-constrained dictionary that supports eviction-policies such as LRU/MRU, LFU/MFU, FIFO/LIFO etc. Also, it supports eviction based on an optional timeout per value (like a weak map) (since v2.21.0; both are deprecated, use DictionaryMapBased and CacheMapBased instead as of v2.22.0)
  • CacheWithLoad, an extension of CacheMapBased that introduces a second concept of size constrainment based on a load (since v2.22.0).
  • EqualityComparer and DefaultEqualityComparer are used within the collections to provide default- and custom-capabilities for comparing items (since v2.9.0)
  • Comparer and DefaultComparer to equate items in terms of size (e.g. for sorting) (since v2.10.0)
  • formatValue, formatError, wrapError and throwError are the first of new tools for values and Errors (since v2.19.0)
  • Resource and ResourceSelector are used to build pools of resources and to select from them using a strategy, such as least recently used, or Round Robin etc. (since v3.3.0)
  • CalendarScheduler and Calendar provide mechanism to schedule jobs based on iCal-calendars from any source (new in v1.4.0). These were removed beginning with v3.0.0 and are now to be found in the package sh.misc-tools.

Breaking changes

  • Between v1.8.0 and v2.0.0 there were breaking changes regarding Progress itself and how it is handled in conjunction with Job. If you therefore need to stick with v1.x.x, please use the latest stable from the master-pre-v2.0.0-branch.
  • Calendar-related tools and its Scheduler were removed in version v3.0.0 and have been moved into the package sh.misc-tools (available via npm npm install sh.misc-tools).
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