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Spec examples

Some examples on using clojure.spec!

I've organized some examples I wished I could have seen when I was learning spec.

Hope it helps!

(Btw, check out the Contributing section!)


This project is intended to be used from the REPL.

It does not contain a -main nor should be compiled.



If you're willing to help, comm'on man! You rock! 👏

Specially welcomed:

  • Spelling corrections (English isn't my first language)
  • Issues related to the code or something
  • Improvements suggestions
  • More examples, of course!
  • Documentation additions

If there's something I've learned round here in github is that you never know what kind of contribution you might get. I'm waiting yours!

Well, guess what? I'm doing it because I wanna help others who may be beneficiated from these examples!

Guess something more? I love using ❗️s !!! In my country, they usually mean happyness!

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