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The EMC (Easy Minecraft Client) Framework

Moved to GitLab

EMC has moved to GitLab, at


EMC (Easy Minecraft Client) is a framework for modifying Minecraft code without having to think about obfuscation as the framework will act as a middle man handling your calls to Minecraft.

This framework also allows you to write a mod once, then use it on Minecraft 1.8 and above.


We now have an official Discord server for EMC related development, feel free to join us, EMC Discord.

How it works

In short:

Your code <-> EMC Wrapper <-> Obfuscated Minecraft code


Let's say you want to change the walk speed. To do so, you would simply call the EMC wrapper and it does the hard work for you, in this case IEntityPlayer is the Minecraft player wrapper that translates the EntityPlayer calls, all wrappers start with an I followed by the name of the Minecraft class it handles:

public void setWalkspeed(float speed) {
	// Call the EMC wrapper

That's it. It is as easy as that. The IEntityPlayer.setWalkspeed then calls the obfuscated Minecraft call.

Minecraft versions currently supported

  • 1.13 (Coming soon)
  • 1.12.2

Maven repo/Loading EMC

Minecraft uses Maven to download dependencies, EMC is loaded as a dependency. To load EMC in Minecraft add the following in the libraries array to your Minecraft json file:

	"name": "me.deftware:EMC:13.2.7-1.12.2",
	"url": ""

Then in the minecraftArguments field append --tweakClass me.deftware.launch.Launcher at the end. If you want to see an example on how to load EMC see example_client.json

Stacking on top of Forge

EMC can be stacked on top of Forge to run EMC mods in conjunction with EMC mods. To build EMC for Forge simply run the gradle build task with the -Pforgebuild="true" argument.

Making client mods with EMC

Check out the EMC Development Kit

Built in commands

You can type .version to check what EMC version you are running, you can type .cinfo to see what client is loaded. You can also type .unload to eject mods running in your client.

Why use EMC?

  • Easy to use (You don't have to think about Minecraft obfuscation)
  • Suitable for large client rewrite style mods
  • Completely compliant with the Minecraft EULA (You don't have to worry about DMCA takedown requests)
  • Write once, use on multiple Minecraft versions
  • Less code (This requires less code than writing your client with Minecraft)

EULA compliant

The EMC framework is compliant with the Minecraft EULA, it does not distribute any Minecraft source code in it's installer. Any mods you make using this framework will be compliant with the Minecraft EULA as your mod will not contain ANY Minecraft source code, only EMC wrapper calls.

Developing EMC (Not making client mods, the actual framework)

  1. Clone this git
  2. Import it into your IDE as a gradle project
  3. Run the setupDecompWrokspace task
  4. Refresh the gradle project

You can now start modifying EMC, if you are using IDEA run the genIntellijRuns task as well.


EMC is licensed under GPL-3.0

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