Mohid Lagrangian

High-performance Lagragian tracer model, standard compliant and ready to use out-of-the-box
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MOHID Lagrangian - v20.10

MOHID Lagragian is a comprehensive high-performance Lagrangian tracer model, with sources, sinks, particle types and several options for forcing and I/O. Altough mainly developed for oceanographic and fluvial contexts, application to atmospheric and other planetary settings should be trivial.

Available functionalities are

  • Robust pre-processing, modelling and post-processing tools
  • Support for netcdf-cf files with currents, winds and wave fields, as well as water quality (salinity, temperature)
  • Ability to model passive, bouyant and degrading tracers
  • Stokes drift, windage, beaching, resuspension and turbulent diffusion models and options
  • Ability to model millions of tracers in a modest laptop machine
  • Simple and fully documented simulation set-up files, ready to be abstracted by a UI
  • Raw vtk time encoded output, directly compatible with Paraview and other standard post-processors and renderers
  • Flexible python post processor, using cross-simulation reuseable post-processing recipes, ready to be automated
  • Computation of volumetric averages and cumulative integrations, exporting the results to standard netcfd files, so you can explore the results using GIS software or publish to a thredds server
  • Production of high-quality mapped plots and shapefiles using matplotlib and pandas, allowing for arbitrary calendar, integration types, subdomains including polygons and plot type combinations
  • Documentation on instalation, code structure, case preparation, post processing and general useage. Fully self contained examples to get you started
  • Pre-built windows executable
  • Cross-platform compliant, tested and deployed
  • Cmake based project, easy to set up for local compilation if required

Output examples


3D passive tracers on a MOHID operational currents solution in Vigo region, Galiza, Spain.


Floating passive tracers on a CMEMS Atlantic currents solution.


Hourly mean tracer concentration on the Arousa intertidal test case.


Mean tracer concentration on the PCOMS test case


Mean tracer concentration on the PCOMS test case using the EU Marine Directives polygons

Check out our code documentation page!

Help, Bugs, Feedback

If you need help with MOHIDLagrangian or MOHID, want to keep up with progress, chat with developers or ask any other questions about MOHID, you can hang out by mail: [email protected] or consult our MOHID wiki. You can also subscribe to our MOHID forum. To report bugs, please create a GitHub issue or contact any developers. More information consult


GNU General Public License. See the GNU General Public License web page for more information.


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