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SHAFT: Unified Test Automation Engine



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What is SHAFT?

  • A Unified Test Automation Engine.
    Generic Test Automation Architecture
  • A source controlled Java Maven project that is easily and regularly extended and enhanced with new features.
  • Provides an easily understandable and user-friendly syntax for writing simple, robust, reliable, maintainable, and scalable tests.
  • Fully documented with standard JavaDocs.
  • Provides an online Configuration Manager to effortlessly set up your tests.
  • Regularly updated with the latest stable versions from all included dependencies.
  • Provides a ton of built-in features in the Test Execution and Test Adaptation layers of the Generic Test Automation Architecture, and allows you to focus on the Test Generation and Test Definition Layers.

Why should I use SHAFT?

  • MIT Licensed Open-Source project that's free to use and easy to customize.
  • Frequent updates full of new features and bug fixes.
  • Helps you focus on writing simple tests without wasting time on any of the underlying complex wrapper code and error handling.
  • Maximize your Return On Investment by eliminating framework creation time, tool selection and training costs, and minimizing ramp up time.
    Return On Investment Analysis
  • Start being productive immediately without having to reinvent the wheel!

When should I use SHAFT?

  • If you're getting started with a new test automation project that focuses on any of the supported platforms.
  • If you already have an existing test automation project that uses Selenium/Appium/RestAssured/TestNG/Java then using SHAFT will be a direct upgrade with ZERO refactoring required.

How can I use SHAFT?

  • Simply copy-paste the related configuration from the sample using_SHAFT_Engine project as shown in this 10-minute Getting Started video ▶️:
    How to do cross-browser test automation in 10 minutes using SHAFT_Engine
  • If you wish to use SHAFT with IntelliJ please apply these settings:
    Run/Debug Configurations > Edit Configurations... > Templates > TestNG > Configuration > Listeners > Add all SHAFT_Engine Listeners [AlterSuite, InvokedMethod, Suite]

To contribute to SHAFT join our Slack Channel, for support using SHAFT join our Facebook group:

automatest-workspace Automatest

Stop Reinventing the wheel! Start using SHAFT!

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