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Web Push example in PHP

Navigating through the commits and files will help you build:

  • on the client
    • a user friendly opt-in push notification button
  • on the server
    • an endpoint for managing your push notification subscriptions
    • an endpoint that triggers push notification thanks to web-push-php


  • Chrome or Firefox
  • composer
  • PHP 7.2+
    • gmp
    • mbstring
    • curl
    • openssl

PHP 7.1 is no longer maintained, but you can checkout the v2.x branch. PHP 5.6+ is no longer maintained, but you can checkout the v1.x branch.


$ composer create-project minishlink/web-push-php-example
$ cd web-push-php-example

You can change the VAPID keys in the keys folder with this guide. Don't forget to update the public key in app.js too.


$ php -S localhost:8000 router.php

And open localhost:8000.

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