Vue Form Validation with Composition API
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Vorms - Vue Form Validation with Composition API
Vue Form Validation with Composition API

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  • Type Strong: Written in TypeScript, with TSDoc.
  • Lightweight: Only 12kb compressed (4kb compressed + gzip compressed) and fully tree-shaking.
  • Easiest: Vorm uses the Composition API to give you a very seamless development experience.
  • Flexible: Yup, Zod and self-def validation are supported.


npm install @vorms/core


<script src="https://unpkg.com/@vorms/core"></script>

It will be exposed to global as window.Vorms


setup script

import { useForm } from '@vorms/core'

const sugarOptions = ['no', 'light', 'half', 'half', 'standard']

const { register, handleSubmit, handleReset } = useForm({
  initialValues: {
    drink: '',
    sugar: 'light',
  onSubmit(data) {

const { value: drink, attrs: drinkFieldAttrs } = register('drink')
const { value: sugar, attrs: sugarFieldAttrs } = register('sugar')


<form @submit="handleSubmit" @reset="handleReset">
  <input v-model="drink" type="text" v-bind="drinkFieldAttrs">

  <label>Sugar level</label>
  <select v-model="sugar" v-bind="sugarFieldAttrs">
    <option v-for="item in sugarOptions" :key="item" :value="item">
      {{ item }}

  <button type="reset">Reset</button>
  <button type="submit">Submit</button>

Refer documentations for more details.



This project is heavily inspired by the following awesome projects.


Thanks to the wonderful people who have already contributed to Vorms!

Made with contrib.rocks.


MIT License 2022-PRESENT Alex Liu

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