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A Collection of Cute But Deadly Viruses

They will instantly snatch control from you. Then will sicken your high-end PC by overflowing the RAM & overwhelming the processor. And you will see your computer groaning till it crashes. Believe me, viruses were never so lovely before.

Computer is a very complex machine. You just have to break one support to crash the whole structure. It can be done in many ways- overloading the processor, overflowing the RAM, flooding the hard-disk, occupying input/output system or any other resource, and erasing essential software (like- operating system). Follow the Disaster Level for getting a categorical view of the project.

Disaster Level

Level-1: Wolf

Code Intro
prank_master.vbs Shows an unending sequence of annoying messages. Randomly moves the mouse pointer, & clicks different places on the screen.
chaos_devil.c Randomly moves the window round. Only Ctrl+Alt+Del will work here.
dark_screen.c Simply shuts the system down.

Level-2: Tiger

Code Intro
memory_crash.html Creates a super big string and overwhelms the RAM.
browser_breaker.html The site contains JS code which generates an infinite string of characters that overwhelms the memory.
cmd_blast.c Opens an infinite number of command prompt window till the system crushes.
unclosable.html Opens lots of windows in the browser and crushes the PC.
consecutive_normal_punch.c A fork-bomb that creates lots of child process till the computer gives up. Creates an infinite number of processes.
ram_slayer.c Consumes full space of the RAM.

Level-3: Demon

Code Intro
cpu_eater.bat This batch program recursively executes itself forever and takes up full CPU usage. 4.5 petabytes of data compressed into 42 kilobytes. Trying to uncompress may prove fatal.
folder_flooder.bat Creates a lot of folders on the disk.

Note: I have personally tested all of the programs on my laptop; no permanent damage was caused by any of them. But I cannot guarantee your safety. So run them on your own risk.

You can stop them by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or kill the process with task manager. For testing, you may also use online compilers, like- TutorialsPoint-CodingGround or

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