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Go Project Structure

This is a sample structure for managing Go projects which provides versioning for REST APIs. This repository has following packages which makes it useful while creating your first GO project.

  • gorm : It is the ORM library in Go which provides user friendly functions to interact with database. It supports features like ORM, Associations, Hooks, Preloading, Transaction, Auto Migration, Logger etc.
  • gin : Gin is a web framework for Go language. Here gin is used for increase performance and productivity.
  • godotenv : Basically used for load env variables from .env file.
  • mysql : It provides the mysql driver for connecting Go with MySQL.



1. ApiHelpers

Basically contains the helper functions used in returning api responses, HTTP status codes, default messages etc.

2. Controllers

Contains handler functions for particular route to be called when an api is called.

3. Helpers

Contains helper functions used in all apis

4. Middlewares

Middleware to be used for the project

5. Models

Database tables to be used as models struct

6. Resources

Resources contains all structures other than models which can be used as responses

7. Routers

Resources define the routes for your project

8. Seeder

It is optional, but if you want to insert lots of dummy records in your database, then you can use seeder.

9. Services

All the core apis for your projects should be within services.

10. Storage

It is generally for storage purpose.

11. Templates

Contains the HTML templates used in your project

12. .env

Contains environment variables.

Pre-requirements before starting your first go projects

. Install latest version of go i.e 1.12 (Released in Feb 2019) . Setup GOROOT and GOPATH

RUN THE SERVER (Basic commands)

. For running the server you have to run following command go run main.go It will start your server at the port you have mentioned in .env file.

. If you want to run the server in port other than default, then run following command go run main.go <specific port>

. If you want to create a build for your project and upload in server, then you have to run following command go build

API with versioning

For using version 1 api

For using version 2 api


CoverFlow is MIT-licensed

Let us know!

We’d be really happy if you sent us links to your projects where you use our component. Just send an email to [email protected] And do let us know if you have any questions or suggestion regarding our work.

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