Block Overflow

🖖Menlo's front-end demo app: A blockchain q+a discussion dApp that pays for up-voted answers.
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Gelato Network194
2 years ago45mitJavaScript
V1 implementation of Gelato Network
Block Overflow22
3 years ago1mitTypeScript
🖖Menlo's front-end demo app: A blockchain q+a discussion dApp that pays for up-voted answers.
4 years agoHTML
A Paywall with Single line of code using ERC 721
4 months agogpl-3.0Solidity
Decentralized autonomous lottery
5 years agoJavaScript
Healthcare dApp for ETHWaterloo 2017 Edition
6 years agoJavaScript
A contract-based dapp/bot to create groups in which users can keep track of their payments for a group through commands with a new chatbot / dapp.
Crowdclick Client2
2 years agoJavaScript
Crowdsourced pay-per-click advertising marketplace DApp based on Ethereum.
5 years agoPython
Lets business pay for gas, deal with nonces, retry TXs, etc.
Bitnation Insurance Dapp1
6 years ago
Insurance application for bitnation
Alternatives To Block Overflow
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Menlo One

Menlo One - Block Overflow

npm version

Menlo One Home | Docs | Content Node | Telegram

Menlo One is a framework for rapidly developing decentralized applications (dApps).

Major components:

  1. Block Overflow, this repo, which is a demo "front end" to the application which is designed to get you started.

  2. Content Node, the "back end" of the application which is located here: MenloOne/content-node


You can find the Menlo documentation on the website or this repo: MenloOne/menlo-one-docs

Quick Install

git clone
cd block-overflow
nvm use 8.11.4
npm install
npm run build
npm run dev

The Block Overflow demo app

Block Overflow is a single page application built in ReactJS. This is similar in many ways to a “traditional” dApp. It makes asynchronous calls to the Content Node as well as interfaces with a Web3 provider (we recommend MetaMask) for transactions. We built a demo application (Block Overflow), a nod to our favorite developer Q&A site, which has a wide variety of features common to many dApp use cases. It has many routes in place for actions such as posting content, upvoting, commenting, etc. The front end comes with Truffle and smart contract specific to the Q&A site use case but is easily customizable. It also comes with many common front end nice-to-haves such as Sass, Material UI, and many interface elements like drop down menus and loading animation.

To use Block Overflow, visit

Block Overflow


Menlo is MIT licensed.

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