Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


A cross-platform Socks5/Http/SS/SSR/Vmess/Trojan(go)/Snell GUI client


  • Full PAC Control
  • Cross-platform
  • User Rule Support
  • Http Support
  • Subscription Support
  • Import Servers from many methods
  • Mutiple servers Support
  • Socks5/Http/SS/SSR/Vmess/Trojan(go)/Snell Support
  • ....and more


  • You can download it from release page


Note: Trojan-Qt5 can ONLY be used for learning related technologies such as Qt/C++/Linux/CI/automation and use within the scope permitted by law. Any individual or group MAY NOT use Trojan-Qt5 for any violation of relevant laws and regulations.

Any attempt to download of any branch or distribution of Trojan-Qt5 constitutes your agreement that the author of the project will not be liable for any legal liability arising from your breach of the above guidelines.

Special Thanks

This project is based on:

UI Design

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