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Library for detect WebAssembly post-MVP features in NodeJS & Browser. Small and with zero dependencies.

About post-MVP WebAssembly features

Tests on Canary with flags:

Enable some experimental features for Chrome Canary (Mac):

/Applications/Google\ Chrome\\ Chrome\ Canary --js-flags="--experimental-wasm-eh"

Support feature detections


yarn add wasm-check


npm i wasm-check


Check supported WebAssembly version

import * as check from 'wasm-check';
// or
// const check = require('wasm-check');

console.log(; // default MVP
console.log(; // same
console.log(; // version 2 (for future)

Check supporting streaming compilation

import * as check from 'wasm-check';


Get all post-MVP WebAssembly features

import * as check from 'wasm-check';

const features = { ...check.feature };


  bigInt: true,
  bulk: true,
  exceptions: false,
  mutableGlobal: true,
  multiValue: true,
  saturateConversions: true,
  signExtensions: true,
  tailCall: false,
  threads: false,
  simd: false,
  references: false,
  typeReflection: false,
  funcReferences: false

Or check concrete feature

import * as check from 'wasm-check';

console.log(check.feature.simd); // has SIMD support?
console.log(check.feature.tailCalls); // has tail call optimization support?


  • [ ] GC integration feature check
  • [ ] Interface Types feature check

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