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A library to subscribe to GCM/FCM and receive notifications within a node process.

For Electron, you can use electron-push-receiver instead which provides a convenient wrapper.

See this blog post for more details.

When should I use push-receiver ?

  • I want to receive push notifications sent using Firebase Cloud Messaging in an electron desktop application.
  • I want to communicate with a node process/server using Firebase Cloud Messaging infrastructure.

When should I not use push-receiver ?

  • I want to send push notifications (use the firebase SDK instead)
  • My application is running on a FCM supported platform (Android, iOS, Web).


npm i -S push-receiver


  • Node v8 (async/await support)
  • Firebase sender id to receive notification
  • Firebase serverKey to send notification (optional)



You can use electron-push-receiver instead which provides a convenient wrapper.


const { register, listen } = require('push-receiver');

// First time
// Register to GCM and FCM
const credentials = await register(senderId); // You should call register only once and then store the credentials somewhere
storeCredentials(credentials) // Store credentials to use it later
const fcmToken = credentials.fcm.token; // Token to use to send notifications

// Next times
const credentials = getSavedCredentials() // get your saved credentials from somewhere (file, db, etc...)
// persistentIds is the list of notification ids received to avoid receiving all already received notifications on start.
const persistentIds = getPersistentIds() || [] // get all previous persistentIds from somewhere (file, db, etc...)
await listen({ ...credentials, persistentIds}, onNotification);

// Called on new notification
function onNotification({ notification, persistentId }) {
  // Update list of persistentId in file/db/...
  updatePersistentIds([...persistentIds, persistentId]);
  // Do someting with the notification

Test notification

To test, you can use the send script provided in this repo, you need to pass your serverKey and the FCM token as arguments :

node scripts/send --serverKey="<FIREBASE_SERVER_KEY>" --token="<FIREBASE_TOKEN>"

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