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This crate provides a variety of Futures-based and async/await compatible types that are based on the idea of intrusive collections:

  • Channels in a variety of flavors:
    • Oneshot
    • Multi-Producer Multi-Consumer (MPMC)
    • State Broadcast
  • Synchronization Primitives:
    • Manual Reset Event
    • Mutex
    • Semaphore
  • A timer

Please refer to the documentation for details.

In addition to the documentation the examples provide a quick overview on how the primitives can be used.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

futures-intrusive = "^0.4"

In order to use the crate in a no-std environment, it needs to be compiled without default features:

futures-intrusive = { version = "^0.4", default-features = false }

The crate defines a feature alloc, which can be used in order to re-enable alloc features. Also defined is std, which can be used in order to re-enable std features.

Minimum Rust version

The minimum required Rust version is 1.36, due to reliance on stable Future, Context and Waker types.


Licensed under either of

at your option.

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