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This is designed to create a hash for a download and compare it to the original hash provided by the source of the download.

Getting started

This project was built using the .NET framework and C#, as a result it will need the following elements installed to run it.

  • Visual Studio - This was developed using Visual Studio 2017, however, any updated version should be fine. It would be useful to ensure that all relevent C# language packs are installed.
  • .NET Framework - It was built using .NET Framework v{get-version-number}, there is the possability this project may be updated in the future to utilise .NET Core.

To load this code in Visual Studio, use the standard method of loading a project by selecting opening the solution file (.sln). Once opened, you can then use the built in compiler to build and run the solution.


The lastest release is a .exe and will only work on Windows. A .NET Core version is being considered in the future.

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