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POD: PeripheralOnDemand

POD is a toolbox of Open Source programs simplifying the integration of Virtual Peripherals (also called components) in FPGAs. A Virtual Peripheral is defined as a FPGA IP providing a bus interface.

POD is designed to be use by embedded system developers. Beginners with a small knowledge in digital design (FPGA design) will be able to easily integrate and configure virtual peripherals on their platform (an electronic board equiped with a FPGA).

POD was initially designed for platforms with one main processor connected to one FPGA, other architectures can be although supported.



  • Python 3: POD uses python 3.4+.


  • ghdl, gtkwave : POD can generate VHDL testbench ready for ghdl simulator. As it's standard VHDL, another simulator should work.
  • ISE Webpack : to generate synthesis project for Xilinx.
  • Quartus : to generate synthesis project for Altera.
  • ARMadeus SDK : to generate driver project for the Armadeus boards.
  • python-coverage : for unittest and functionnal test.

From GIT

For developpers

Checkout the source code of periphondemand with the following command (git is needed):

$ git clone periphondemand

Go in periphondemand directory:

$ cd periphondemand

Then checkout the standard library:

$ git clone libraries

Install it

To install it on your computer, just do (has super user):

$ python install

Make a distribution archive

Make python POD distribution with command:

$ python sdist

The POD package can be found in directory dist/

From Package

Decompress the package PeriphOnDemand-X.X.tar.gz in install directory:

$ tar -zxvf PeriphOnDemand-X.X.tar.gz

Walk through periphondemand/ directory:

$ cd periphondemand

Then install POD with root privilege:

$ python install


To launch periphondemand just type «pod»:

$ pod


Python mock package is required to run units-tests, in debian do :

$ sudo apt-get install python-mock

To run test do :

$ ./


To generate documentation python-sphinx module is required. In debian do :

$ sudo apt-get install python-sphinx

Then go to doc/ directory and type :

$ make latexpdf

To generate pdf document or :

$ make html

To generate static html website.

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