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The Mana Plus Client

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Version: Date: 2021-03-17

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Optional dependencies:

Embedded libs:

Additional run time deps:

  • xsel (for clipboard access, used only in SDL 1.2)
  • xdg-open (from xdg-utils, for open url in browser)

Images and fonts sources:

  • data/icons
  • data/fonts/src

0. Index

  1. Account
  2. Commands
  3. Skills
  4. Support
  5. License

1. Account

To create an account you can usually press the "Register" button after choosing your server. When this doesn't work, visit the website of the server you'd like to register on, since they may be using an online registration form instead.

2. Commands


Use arrow keys to move around. Other keys:

  • Ctrl attack
  • F1 toggle the online help
  • F2 toggle profile window
  • F3 toggle inventory window
  • F4 toggle equipment window
  • F5 toggle skills window
  • F6 toggle minimap
  • F7 toggle chat window
  • F8 toggle shortcut window
  • F9 show setup window
  • F10 toggle debug window
  • Alt + 0-9,-, etc show emotions.
  • S sit down / stand up.
  • F toggle debug pathfinding feature (change map mode)
  • P take screenshot
  • R turns on anti-trade function.
  • A target nearest monster
  • H hide all non-sticky windows
  • Z pick up item
  • Enter focus chat window / send message


Left click to execute default action: walk, pick up an item, attack a monster and talk to NPCs (be sure to click on their feet). Right click to show up a context menu. Holding [Left Shift] prevents from walking when attacking.



  • /closeall close all whispers.
  • /ignoreall add all whispers to ignore list.
  • /msg NICK text
  • /whisper NICK text
  • /w NICK text send whisper message to nick.
  • /query NICK
  • /q NICK open new whisper tab for nick.


  • /help show small help about chat commands. /target NICK - select nick as target. Can be monster or player nick.
  • /outfit N wear outfit number N.
  • /outfit next wear next outfit.
  • /outfit prev wear previous outfit.
  • /emote N use emotion number N.
  • /away
  • /away MSG set away mode.
  • /follow NICK start follow mode.
  • /imitation NICK start imitation mode.
  • /heal NICK heal nick.
  • /move X Y move to X,Y position in short distance.
  • /navigate x y move to position x,y in current map in any distance.
  • /mail NICK MSG send offline message to NICK. Working only in tmw server.
  • /disconnect quick disconnect from server.
  • /attack attack target.
  • /undress NICK remove all clothes from nick. Local effect only.


  • /trade NICK start trade with nick.
  • /priceload load shop price from disc.
  • /pricesave save shop price to disc.

Player relations:

  • /ignore NICK add nick to ignore list.
  • /unignore NICK Remove nick from ignore list.
  • /friend NICK
  • /befriend NICK add nick to friends list.
  • /disregard NICK add nick to disregarded list.
  • /neutral NICK add nick to neutral relation list.
  • /erase NICK add nick to erased list.
  • /clear clear current chat tab.
  • /createparty NAME create party with selected name.
  • /me text send text to chat as /me command in irc.


  • /who print online players number to chat.
  • /all show visible beings list in debug tab.
  • /where print current player position to chat.
  • /cacheinfo show text cache info.
  • /dirs show client directories in debug window.


  • /help Displays the list of commands
  • /announce broadcasts a global msg(Gm Cammand only)
  • /who shows how many players are online
  • /where displays the map name your currently on

4. Support

If you're having issues with this client, feel free to report them to us. You can report on forum, bugtracker or IRC on in the #manaplus channel.

If you have feedback about a specific game that uses the ManaPlus client, be sure to contact the developers of the game instead.

5. Licenses

All code in this repository under GPL 2+ license. Art can be under CC-BY-SA or GPL 2+.

Github, Bitbucked or other non free hostings may use strange TOS what may violate this licenses. If any of this hostings want to violate GPL or/and CC-BY-SA licenses, they not have any rights to do so. This hostings have rights to remove ManaPlus repositories if they want violate given licenses.

ManaPlus main repository hosted on

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