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Data Structures and Algorithm

Data structure and Algorithm (DSA)


Contribution Guidelines

1. Contribution Specifications

The problem being contributed must either be a simple file (Eg. kruskal-algorithm.cpp, or a more complex directory (palindrome/). This is a unit problem.

The directory tree has the following convention of algorithms/{language}/{category}/{problem}, where {language} represents the language code of the problem (Eg. CPlusPlus for C++, CSharp for C# etc.), {category} is the topic or category of the problem being contributed (Eg. strings, sorting, linked-lists etc.), and {problem} is a conforming name to the problem (Eg. linear-search.cpp, palindrome, queue-linked-list.cpp etc.)

A unit problem must conform to the following specifications:

  • The name should be in lowercase. (Eg. palindrome/, binary-search.cpp etc.).
  • Each word must be separated by a dash or a hyphen (-).

If you have a problem that belongs to a new topic or category than one which are present:

  1. Create a new folder and an index for it inside (a readme, file).
  2. To each new index file, write the readme with your problem in it (Markdown Documentation).
  3. The folder name can also only contain lowercase characters and dashes or hyphens (-) (Eg. strings sorting etc.)

Simple (File) Contributions

The file should conform to the problem specification, and the extension (Eg., kruskal-algorithm.cpp, count-inversions.js etc.)

Project/Folder-based Contributions

The project and folder-based contributions have a bit more stricter contribution specifications.

The folder should conform to the problem specification, along with the following specifications

Folder Structure

| - .gitignore
| -
| - Makefile       # or the specific specification/requirements/configuration file
| - src\
    | - main.ext Specification / Template

# <Title of the Problem>

< description of the problem >

## Prerequisites

- prerequisite library or package
- [prerequisite library](

## Instructions

- instructions to run the project
- < Simple and reproducible commands to execute the project >
   make # or 'cargo run', or 'dotnet run' or 'mvn exec:java' etc.

## Test Cases & Output < if exists>

< If you can provide test cases, describe it here, else remove this section >

.gitignore File

# add all output files and build files to be excluded from git tracking
main     # executable file also must have the project name
target/  # the build file, for example for rust

Build File / Specification File / Configuration File

It can be any of the following ones

  • C/C++: Makefile
  • Python: requirements.txt
  • JavaScript: package.json and package-lock.json
  • Rust: Cargo.toml and Cargo.lock
  • Go: go.mod

Source Code File

The source code files should either be in src/ folder (Eg. src/main.cpp or src/main.js) or the root folder (Eg. palindrome.go or where ext is the file extension for the specific programming language.

Again, the source codes must conform to a valid file structure convention that the programming language enforces.

2. Naming Convention

The programming should keep the naming convention rule of each programming language.

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Programming Language Users
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C# @ming-tsai, @Waqar-107
Go @ayo-ajayi
Python @Arsenic-ATG, @sridhar-5
JavaScript @ming-tsai


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