Mahjong Portal

Portal for russian riichi mahjong community
Alternatives To Mahjong Portal
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Keycloak Russian Providers82
7 days ago8February 28, 2022apache-2.0Java
Popular russian mail (Yandex, and social networks (VK, OK) identity providers for Keycloak Identity and Access Management server.
Hexlet Basics64
8 days ago18Ruby
Interactive Programming Courses
Itop Docker63
a year agomitShell
Combodo iTop docker image
Lacmus App49
9 months ago10gpl-3.0C#
5 months ago6apache-2.0Dockerfile
Set of Dockerfiles and assets related to them for building Docker images with different services
Ru Bot20
3 months ago30TypeScript
Daily Hero14
4 years agomitPython
The bot that sends daily closed issues digest to our team
Docker Lamp13
10 months agoDockerfile
LAMP is abbreviate of Linux + Apache + MySQL/MariaDB + PHP and this project is composition of Docker containers for creating a local LAMP
Sozdik Bot13
5 years agogpl-3.0JavaScript
🇰🇿🇷🇺 Telegram and Messenger bot for Sozdik, a Russian to Kazakh dictionary
Mahjong Portal12
a month ago22mitPython
Portal for russian riichi mahjong community
Alternatives To Mahjong Portal
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The project is working with Python 3.6+ only.

It is web-application to accumulate, calculate and display russian riichi-mahjong tournaments and ratings.


Project set up

You need to have installed docker and docker compose.

Steps to run the project:

  1. make build-docker
  2. make initial-data (run this command only once, for the initial project setup)
  3. make up

After these steps you will be able to access website here:


Docker set up

You need to have installed docker and docker compose.

Copy .envs/.production.env.example file and fill it with real data, but don't forget to keep it in secret (at least don't add it to version control system). Assign these env variables to the container with any way that is suits you (there are different options how to do it), and after that you can simply run make build and make up commands. By default in production.yml we are using .envs/.production.env file.

For static files serving and SSL configuration you need to set up the server upfront of this docker image.

If needed, restore the database backup for the new installation.

DB Backups

On your host machine you can set up these cron commands to make backups:

# every 6 hours
0 */6 * * * cd /root/portal/ && make db-backup backup_type=hourly && /root/
# once a week
0 0 * * 0 cd /root/portal/ && make db-backup backup_type=weekly && /root/
# once a month
0 0 2 * * cd /root/portal/ && make db-backup backup_type=monthly && /root/
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