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EliteMobs is a Spigot plugin focused around the creation of bosses. It also adds several other features, such as quests, arenas, items, an extension to in-game progression and dungeons, to name a few.

Feature and configuration documentation:

Discord support channel:

Webapp where you can create content:

Dev notes:


Maven repository:


Important classes

The following is a list of key classes for the plugin:



This class is specifically made to be the easiest way to interface with Elite Items.

EliteEntity, CustomBossEntity, RegionalBossEntity

These are the key classes for the boss system. RegionalBossEntity extends CustomBossEntity which extends EliteEntity.


This is used to check if an entity is from EliteMobs and to get the specific instance of that entity.

Note: This documentation is updated as requested. If you feel like it is incomplete and should further expand on some aspects, request it and it will be updated.

API Events

EliteMobs has a few basic APIs to interface with in the com.magmaguy.elitemobs.api package. Here's the breakdown:


Fires when an arena is successfully beaten by players.


Fires when a Custom Event starts. Note that in this instance Custom Events refers to the mechanic in which bosses randomly spawn in the Overworld.

  • Can be cancelled


Fires when a dungeon is installed by an admin.

  • Can be cancelled


Fires when a dungeon is uninstalled by an admin.

  • Can be cancelled


Fires when an Elite Explosion happens. Note that elite explosions have a custom visual effect and regenerate the damage done to terrain after 2 minutes.

  • Can be cancelled


Used for listening to moments when one Elite damages another Elite. Uses:

  • Same as Bukkit's EntityDamagedByEntity event but for elites specifically
  • Cancelling it might not work. Report if it doesn't.


Used for listening to events which trigger an antiexploit check - doesn't necessarily mean that it detected an exploit. Uses:

  • Same as Bukkit's EntityDamagedByEntity event but for elites specifically
  • Can be cancelled


Used for listening to moments when a player damages an Elite. Uses:

  • Same as Bukkit's EntityDamagedByEntity event but for players damaging elites specifically
  • Important: can't be cancelled as it only fires after applying the damage


Used for listening to moments when an elite is damaged in general. Uses:

  • Same as Bukkit's EntityDamageEvent
  • Important Cancelling this event might not 100% work, report if it doesn't


Used to listening to moments when an elite is killed. Uses:

  • Same as Bukkit's EntityDeathEvent.


Used for listening to moments when an elite enters combat against a player. Note that bosses only enter combat after either striking a player or being struck, and not at the moment of targetting. Uses:

  • Get the targetType (player only) of the Elite
  • Get the elite which entered in combat


Used for listening to moments when an elite leaves combat against a player. Uses:

  • Get the elite which just let combat.


Used when an elite gets healed.

  • Can be cancelled.


Used when an elite mob gets removed. Please note that not all removals are permanent as bosses can be removed because the chunks unload while still being persistent.

EliteMobsItemDetector: //todo: remove

Used for detecting whether an ItemStack is an EliteMobs ItemStack (like a custom item or a procedurally generated item). Uses:

  • Detect if an ItemStack is an EliteMobs custom or dynamic item.


Used for detecting when an Elite spawns. Uses:

  • Detect when an Elite spawns.
  • Detect which Elite spawned.


Used for detecting when an Elite has targetted a player. Uses:

  • Detect when an Elite targets a player.
  • Cancel an Elite's detection of a player.


Used for listening to moments when the antiexploit runs a check but no players damaged it. Uses:

  • Detect when the antiexploit is doing a non-player based exploit check.
  • Cancel an antiexploit check.


Used when an npc gets removed. This removal may not be permanent, as it might just be a chunk unload.


Used when an npc gets spawned.


Used for listening to moments when players are damaged by an Elite. Uses:

  • Same as Bukkit's EntityDamageEvent.


Used when a player starts teleporting through EliteMobs features. There is a 3 second timer before the teleportation actually happens.

  • Can be cancelled.


Used when a player actually teleports through EliteMobs features.

  • Can be cancelled.


Used when a player accepts a quest.

  • Can be cancelled.


Used when a player completes a quest.

  • Can be cancelled.


Used when a player leaves a quest.


Used when all quest objectives for a quest are completed.


Used when a player progresses in a quest, such as by killing a quest mob or collecting a quest item.


Used when a player gets the reward from a quest.


Used when a Super Mob gets damaged.

  • Can be cancelled.


Used when a Super Mob dies.


Used when a Super Mob gets removed. Note that removals might be temporary due to chunk unloads.


Used when a Super Mob spawns.

  • Can be cancelled.

To add new item enchantments:

  1. Add new enchantment class to the com.magmaguy.elitemobs.config.enchantments.premade ** extending** EnchantmentsConfigFields to initialize create its config file (naming convention: [EnchantmentName] Config)
  2. Initialize enchantment in CustomEnchantment to initialize the config file
  3. Add enchantment class to com.magmaguy.elitemobs.items.customenchantments extending CustomEnchantment to write the logic for the enchantment (naming convention [EnchantmentName]Enchantment)
  4. Add a public static String called "key" to register using the ItemTagger class for persistent enchantment tracking
  5. Add an entry to the parseEnchantments() method in CustomItem so custom items detect it correctly
  6. (Alternative) Add an entry to generateCustomEnchantments() method in EnchantmentGenerator if the enchantment should appear in procedurally generated items


  • Don't forget to register events in EventsRegistrer if the part with logic in it requires events.
  • Don't forget to use the damage bypass if the power is supposed to deal custom damage. Damage dealt by the player to an elite can be overwritten in CombatSystem through the static "bypass" boolean field - it makes the next damage dealt to the elite use the raw damage value. For correctly assigning damage, use Bukkit's Damageable#damage(double amount, Entity source) and assign the source to your player.

To add new powers to elites:

to be documented

To add new events:

to be documented

To add new default NPCs:

to be documented

To add new mob types:

to be documented

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