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Angular OneSignal

angular nrwl/nx one signal

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1. Sign Up OneSignal

make Custom Code APP and get appId.

2. run Angular cli + add

npx @angular/cli will be replaced by the ng command if the angular cli is installed

# generate angular project
npx @angular/cli new [project name]

# cahnge directory
cd [project name]

# add pwa
npx @angular/cli add @angular/pwa

# add onesignal
npx @angular/cli add ngx-onesignal --appId=[your onesignal appId]

3. custmize Angular app

see sample code

4. build and run

# build production
npx ng build --prod

# npm run server
npx http-server ./dist/client -p 4000 -S -K tools/ssh/server.key -C tools/ssh/server.crt

# open onesignal https webpage
/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --ignore-certificate-errors --user-data-dir=dist/chromeTemp

5. add Universal

# add universal
npx @angular/cli add @nguniversal/express-engine --clientProject [project name]

# build universal
npm run build:ssr

# run server ( http://localhost:4000 )
npm run serve:ssr


Angular version ngx-onestop version support
10 10.x
9 10.x
8 8.x -
7 8.x -

Development environment support

  • OSX 10.x
  • node v12


  • [x] format (prettier)
  • [x] npm publish
  • [x] ng_add
    • [x] add NgxOneSignalModule to root module
    • [x] add OneSignalSDKWorkers file
    • [x] add OneSignalSDKWorkers to angular.json
    • [x] replace ServiceWorkerModule.register file
  • [x] sandbox test
  • [ ] unit testing
  • [ ] e2e testing
    • [ ] cypress
  • [x] universal
  • [x] nrwl/nx workspace support
  • [x] ci/cd
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