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🦸🏻‍♂️On a mission to make a Super Repository for Interview Prep for everyone. 🏁 One stop Solution.

  • Help me by joining my Youtube Channel for this Repository as well + System Design - Youtube Channel : INTERVIEW_DS_ALGO
  • This repo contains solutions to questions asked in various coding interviews topic wise.
  • Every topic will have sub-topics as well to categorize different types/techniques.
  • At the top of the solutions, you will find the link to the question and also list of the Companies who have asked the question in interviews.
  • So, Look for COMPANY TAGS above every solution. 😵
  • 🎉LATEST UPDATE🎉 : Frequency also added from now onwards. 🎉
  • 🎉LATEST UPDATE🎉 : Video Explanation in HINGLISH (when requested by anyone) by me also added from now onwards. 🎉
  • Why I am doing this ? Because knowledge should be free. You don't need to pay for courses. Learn free, share free. PEACE 💓
  • You can join this group on LinkedIn - LinkedIn Page : Interview_DS_Algo
Latest Update⏰ - It helped me to crack interviews of "Microsoft", "Tower Research" and "Tokopedia". I hope to add more to this list later 🙂

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