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A WIP Homebrew store for the 3DS

What is it?

A 3DS homebrew installer based on custominstall.py by ihaveamac.

This app is a cross-platform gui written in python for installing 3DS homebrew packages from a libget repository. If the package contains a cia and you have set up 3DStore to install cias the cia will automatically be installed to the SD card using custom-install.py

After installing a cia you must run custom-install-finalize in cfw on the 3DS to finalize the installation of any cias. custom-install-finalize installs a ticket, plus a seed if required. This is required for the title to appear and function.


  • Download and install homebrew cias directly to the SD card
  • Tool to install local cias


Works on: macOS, Windows, Linux
Python 3.6 or greater
Dependencies vary by OS, see below.
You will need a movable.sed and a boot9.bin dumped from you 3DS in order to install cias to the SD card.
  • Extract 3DStore.zip
  • Install python if you haven't already
    • You must restart your pc after installing python for the first time.
    • If you do a custom installation remember to install tcl/tk, and include pip
  • In a command prompt navigate to the dir you extracted the app to and type py -3 -m pip install --user -r requirements.txt to install dependencies
  • Type py -3 3DStore.py or run the included bat file to launch the app.
  • Extract 3DStore.zip
  • Mac users may already have a compatible version of python installed, try double-clicking appstoreworkbench.py
  • In a command prompt navigate to the dir you extracted the app to and type pip3 install -r requirements.txt to install dependencies
    • If the file opens in a text reader, close the reader and right-click the file and open it with pylauncher
  • If this still doesn't work or pylauncher isn't available install python
  • Extract 3DStore.zip
  • Navigate to the directory in a terminal
  • Type python3 -m pip install --user -r requirements.txt to install dependencies
  • Linux systems need packages not installed with python in order to function:
    • Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt install python3 python3-pip python3-tk python3-pil.imagetk
    • Manjaro/Arch: sudo pacman -S python3 python-pip tk python-pillow
  • Linux users must build wwylele/save3ds and place save3ds_fuse in bin/linux. Just install rust using rustup, then compile with: cargo build. Your compiled binary is located in target/debug/save3ds_fuse, copy it to bin/linux.
  • Finally type python3 3DStore.py or run the included shell script to start the app.



Uses the module rewrite of custominstall.py by ihaveamac for cia installation.

pyctr/ is from ninfs 795373d.

save3ds by wwylele is used to interact with the Title Database (details in bin/README).

GUI testers

Crafter Pika - Manages 4TU 3DS repo, gui testing and lots of patience

Archbox - Spun up app in a bunch of oses / distros to make sure it looked good cross-platform

ihaveamac - Good critiques, creator of original custom-install.py script used in this project

GlaZy - Critiques

oreo639 - Tester

LORD OF CBT - Tester

JBMagination -Tester

piepie62 - Knowledgable about the 3DS

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