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Divergence Meter

Divergence Meter is an application based on Steins;Gate.

Version: 1.0
Licensed under: GPL v3

Download packages

  • Latest version 1.0 for Windows: Download (Size: 8.76 MB)

Download previous versions of packages and executables


  • Enter: Generate new random worldline.
  • D: Display local date.
  • T: Display local time.
  • Double click: Show Divergence Meter in fullscreen.
  • Escape: Show about Divergence Meter.


screenshot screenshot screenshot



See for more information

How compile for Windows

For compile Divergence Meter for Windows is necessary py2exe

In terminal (cmd or console) enter in "Divergence-Meter" folder and execute the next command.
You may need to include the module "win32con".

cd Divergence-Meter
python py2exe


Divergence Meter has not been tested on Mac. (Help?)

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