Urho3d Kinematiccharactercontroller

Bullet Physics KinematicCharacterController implementation for Urho3D
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2 years ago1June 30, 202010otherJavaScript
Cesium+Three.js. Online examples: http://os.mesh-3d.com/meshvis-threejs .Online Editor:http://os.mesh-3d.com/meshvis-threejs/App/examples/editor.html
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Interactive Multiphysics Simulation for Everyone
6 years ago2mitCommon Lisp
Cleven is an experimental game engine with volume graphics written in Common Lisp.
Urho3d Kinematiccharactercontroller4
4 years agootherC++
Bullet Physics KinematicCharacterController implementation for Urho3D
3 years agootherPython
Evaluation of volume-to-surface non-rigid registration using the PBSM method
Sandbox Tdr2
5 years agoTeX
DUNE Technical Design Report (TDR)
4 years ago5JavaScript
SmashCraft project for UCLA for CS174a Spring 2013.
8 years agoObjective-C
Basic introduction to iOS Sprite Kit, HelsinkiOS Meetup 07.05.15
Theoretical Chemistry Books1
3 years ago
"Do you know what we do with liars in Chemistry? We kill them." ― Hank Green
Alternatives To Urho3d Kinematiccharactercontroller
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Urho3D KinematicCharacterController


Bullet Physics KinematicCharacterController platforming sample. Repo - Lumak/Urho3D-KinematicCharacterController

The KinematicCharacterController is adaptation of 1vanK's KinematicCharacterController found here, 1vanK/Urho3DKinematicCharacterController

Implementation Info

alt tag How to create a moving volume in the editor.

To Build

To build it, unzip/drop the repository into your Urho3D/ folder and build it the same way as you'd build the default Samples that comes with Urho3D.

Built using Urho3D 1.7 tag.


The MIT License (MIT)

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