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Check Our New NER Toolkit🚀🚀🚀

  • Inference:
    • LightNER: inference w. models pre-trained / trained w. any following tools, efficiently.
  • Training:
    • LD-Net: train NER models w. efficient contextualized representations.
    • VanillaNER: train vanilla NER models w. pre-trained embedding.
  • Distant Training:
    • AutoNER: train NER models w.o. line-by-line annotations and get competitive performance.

This package supports to conduct inference with models pre-trained by:

  • Vanilla_NER: vanilla sequence labeling models.
  • LD-Net: sequence labeling models w. efficient contextualized representation.
  • AutoNER: distant supervised named entity recognition models (no line-by-line annotations for training).

We are in an early-release beta. Expect some adventures and rough edges.

Quick Links


To install via pypi:

pip install lightner

To build from source:

pip install git+


git clone
cd LightNER
python install


Pre-trained Models

Model Task Performance
LD-Net NER for (PER, LOC, ORG & MISC) F1 92.21
LD-Net Chunking F1 95.79
Vanilla_NER NER for (PER, LOC, ORG & MISC)
Vanilla_NER Chunking
AutoNER Distant NER trained w.o. line-by-line annotations (Disease, Chemical) F1 85.30

Decode API

The decode api can be called in the following way:

from lightner import decoder_wrapper
model = decoder_wrapper()
model.decode(["Ronaldo", "won", "'t", "score", "more", "than", "30", "goals", "for", "Juve", "."])

The decode() method also can conduct decoding at document level (takes list of list of str as input) or corpus level (takes list of list of list of str as input).

The decoder_wrapper method can be customized by choosing a different pre-trained model or passing an additional configs file as:

model = decoder_wrapper(URL_OR_PATH_TO_CHECKPOINT, configs)

And you can access the config options by:

lightner decode -h


After installing and downloading the pre-trained mdoels, conduct the inference by

lightner decode -m MODEL_FILE -i INPUT_FILE -o OUTPUT_FILE

You can find more options by:

lightner decode -h

The current accepted paper format is as below (tokenized by line break and -DOCSTART- is optional):



The output would be:

<PER> Ronaldo </PER> won 't score more than 30 goals for <ORG> Juve </ORG> . 

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