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C++ 11 KISS principle networking library.

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  • C++ 11
  • IPv4, IPv6
  • Protocols: TCP, UDP
  • Enable/Disable blocking mode
  • Join/Leave UDP-Multicast groups
  • UDP-IPv4-Broadcast
  • Operating Systems: Mac OS, Linux, Windows
  • MsgPack v5 support: so it can communicate with programs running in other programming languages
  • Optional: Upgrade std::string with UTF8 support
  • Socket can be used as std::streambuf
  • SocketManager calls various events for (dis)connecting, receiving data, connection requests and status changes
  • Event callbacks: onConnectRequest, onStatusChange, onReceiveRaw, onReceiveMsgPack

Example Code:



Doxygen online documentation

MsgPack tutorial

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