Fork of Paper aimed at repairing broken vanilla properties.
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13 hours ago1December 14, 2021463otherJava
High performance Spigot fork that aims to fix gameplay and mechanics inconsistencies
4 days ago159gpl-3.0Java
The modern Essentials suite for Spigot and Paper.
3 days ago4mitKotlin
Purpur is a drop-in replacement for Paper servers designed for configurability, and new fun and exciting gameplay features.
a day ago199mitKotlin
Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that gives special support for Minecraft modding projects.
Minecraft Optimization1,070
3 months ago
Minecraft server optimization guide
9 hours ago103gpl-3.0Java
Slimefun 4 - A unique Spigot/Paper plugin that looks and feels like a modpack. We've been giving you backpacks, jetpacks, reactors and much more since 2013.
2 years ago20Kotlin
The Most Powerful and Feature Rich Minecraft Server Software!
5 days ago16otherJava
Akarin is a powerful server software from the 'new dimension'
4 days ago26October 04, 2022143gpl-3.0Java
PlotSquared - Reinventing the plotworld
Item Nbt Api384
9 days ago7mitJava
Add custom NBT tags to Items/Tiles/Entities without NMS!
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Fork of Paper aimed at repairing broken vanilla properties.

You can see what we modify and fix in this

How To (Server Admins)

Leaves use the same paperclip jar system that Paper uses.

You can download the latest build (1.19.x) of Leaves by going here

You can also build it yourself.

You can visit our documentation for more information.

How To (Plugin developers)

In order to use Leaves as a dependency you must build it yourself. Each time you want to update your dependency you must re-build Leaves.

Leaves-API maven dependency:

dependencies {

Leaves-Server maven dependency:

dependencies {


You need JDK 17 and good internet connection

Clone this repo, run ./gradlew applyPatches, then ./gradlew createReobfBundlerJar form your terminal.

You can find jar in build/libs directory.

Pull Request

See Contributing

Special Thanks To:

JetBrains, creators of the IntelliJ IDEA, supports We with one of their Open Source Licenses. We recommend using IntelliJ IDEA as your IDE.

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