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Lazerpay Official react-native sdk

All Contributors PRs Welcome

The package allows you accept payment using Lazerpay, install, add keys and use. No stress :)


yarn add lazerpay-react-native @react-native-clipboard/clipboard

This version requires @react-native-clipboard/clipboard to work

for iOS: cd iOS && pod install && cd ..

for expo applications run;

expo install lazerpay-react-native

Also install react-native-webview because it's a dependency for this package. Here's a link to their docs.

yarn add react-native-webview

and that's it, you're all good to go!

screenshot of SDK ## Usage
import { Lazerpay } from 'lazerpay-react-native';

const Pay = () => {
  const [openSDK, setopenSDK] = useState(false);

  const metadata = {
    'product name': 'Burger and Pepsi',
    'Product Owner': 'Jeremiah Daniel',

  return (
          publicKey: 'PUBLIC_KEY',
          customerName: 'CUSTOMERS FULL NAME',
          customerEmail: 'CUSTOMER EMAIL',
          currency: 'CURRENCY', // USD, NGN, AED, GBP, EUR
          amount: '10', // amount as a number or string
          reference: '9192nsjisoi',
          acceptPartialPayment: true,
          metadata, // metadata (optional) is an object of information you wish to pass
          onSuccess: (response) => {
            // handle response here
          onClose: () => setopenSDK(false),
          onError: (response) => {
            // handle responsne here

      <TouchableOpacity onPress={() => setopenSDK(true)}>
        <Text> Initiate Payment</Text>


reference has to be updated after any successful partial payment to enable re-initialization.

Configuration Options


string: Required Your public key can be found on your dashboard settings.


string: Required The name of the customer trying to make payments


string: Required The email of the customer trying to make payments


string: Required The name of the fiat currency the merchant accepts


number | string: Required The amount you want to charge the user in currency


object : Optional This contains any additional information you want to pass with this transaction


string : Optional a unique string used to identifier the user


boolean : Optional This boolean is used to enforce complete payments


string: Required The logo of your business as url in string


(response) => { Void }: Required This is called when a transaction is successfully. It returns a response.


(response) => { Void }: Required This is called when a transaction fails. It returns a response.


() => { Void }: Required This is called when a user clicks on the close button.

The Transaction JSON returned for successful events

  "data": {
    "acceptPartialPayment": false,
    "actualAmount": 2,
    "amountPaid": 2,
    "amountPaidFiat": 1.9988,
    "amountReceived": 2.02,
    "amountReceivedFiat": 2.018788,
    "blockNumber": 16348693,
    "blockchain": "Binance Smart Chain",
    "coin": "BUSD",
    "currency": "USD",
    "customer": {
      "customerEmail": "[email protected]",
      "customerName": "Njoku Emmanuel",
      "customerPhone": null,
      "id": "b847dbbd-e5a4-4afc-ba26-b292707dc391",
      "network": "mainnet"
    "feeInCrypto": 0.02,
    "fiatAmount": 2,
    "hash": "0x1df0c16f2ee61136c682e92b13ecc38be0f62c100bb9941c92cdac1dc9ab5155",
    "id": "221a0296-16e6-47dd-b9de-b16dc1270e1a",
    "network": "mainnet",
    "recipientAddress": "0xc5Ea2AD69FeA1442B721E76e39384E3BB9B16694",
    "reference": "3rYZeRbmIe",
    "senderAddress": "0x0B4d358D349809037003F96A3593ff9015E89efA",
    "status": "confirmed",
    "type": "received"
  "event": "successful"

Configuration Options for Making Payments


boolean: Required

This is a prop to display/hide the sdk


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.


If you're having trouble with Lazerpay React Native SDK or your integration, please reach out to us at [email protected] or come chat with us on Slack. We're more than happy to help you out.



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