Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Hello !

nearly acid1

pic 1: HtmlRenderer, Gdi+, see test file

seems promising ?, NEARLY pass ACID1 test :)

Work In Progrss ... : Cross Platform HtmlRenderer

The HtmlRenderer example!

gles_html pic 2: HtmlRenderer on GLES2 surface, text are renderered with the Typography

gles_html pic 3: HtmlRenderer on GLES2 surface

also, please note the text selection on the Html Surface.

(HtmlRender =>,

Typography =>

How to build it


Work In Progrss ... : Html-input

Html input elements are built with 'html-fragment (sub dom)'

see more at


pic3 : HtmlRenderer on GLES2 surface,developing Html-input, click to view full size img

The classic image. html_renderer_s01

pic 4: HtmlRenderer's Classic, Gdi+

MORE info / screen capture imgs -> see wiki

Build Note -> see wiki

I forked this project from (thank you so much)

I added some features

such as

  1. dynamic html dom

  2. decoupling, dependency analysis

  3. optimizing the html,css parser. see: HtmlKit v1.0(

  4. add svg/canvas support (not complete)

  5. abstract canvas backend (GDI+, OpenGL) also not complete for Linux (for the canvas backend, I used it from another project ->

  6. Javascript (v8) binding (

  7. debug view

  8. more layout support eg. inline-block,relative, absolute ,fixed, flex etc

  9. added custom controls eg. text editer control, scrollbar, gridbox etc.

  10. some events (eg. mouse /keyboard events)

.. BUT not complete :(

feel free to fork/ comment/ suggest /pull request


  1. always permissive license (MIT,BSD, Apache2)

  2. bind some features from Blink engine

  3. add more html5/css3/js support

  4. convert to C++ code with some transpiler tools so users can build a final native code web browser

  5. to make this runs on .NetCore


The project is based on multiple open-sourced projects (listed below) all using permissive licenses.

A license for a whole project is MIT.

but if you use some part of the code please check each source file's header for the licensing info.

Html Engine

BSD, 2009, José Manuel Menéndez Poo,

BSD, 2013-2014, Arthur Teplitzki, from

MIT, 2015, Jeffrey Stedfastm, from HtmlKit

Javascript Engine

MIT, 2013, Federico Di Gregorio, from

MIT, 2015-present, WinterDev, from


BSD, 2002-2005, Maxim Shemanarev, from , Anti-Grain Geometry - Version 2.4,

BSD, 2007-2014, Lars Brubaker, agg-sharp, from

ZLIB, 2015, burningmine, CurveUtils.

Boost, 2010-2014, Angus Johnson, Clipper.

BSD, 2009-2010, Poly2Tri Contributors, from

SGI, 2000, Eric Veach, Tesselate.

Image Processing

BSD, 2002-2005, Maxim Shemanarev, from , Anti-Grain Geometry - Version 2.4,

MIT, 2009-2015, Bill Reiss, Rene Schulte and WriteableBitmapEx Contributors,

MIT, 2008, dotPDN LLC, Rick Brewster, Chris Crosetto, Tom Jackson, Michael Kelsey, Brandon Ortiz, Craig Taylor, Chris Trevino, and Luke Walker., from OpenPDN v 3.36 (Paint.NET),


MIT, 2016-present, WinterDev, Samuel Carlsson, Sam Hocevar and others, from

Apache2, 2014-2016, Samuel Carlsson, from

MIT, 2015, Michael Popoloski, from

The FreeType Project LICENSE (3-clauses BSD style),2003-2016, David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg and others, from

MIT, 2016, Viktor Chlumsky, from


MIT, 2015-2015, Xamarin, Inc., from

MIT, 2006-2009, Stefanos Apostolopoulos and other Open Tool Kit Contributors, from

MIT, 2013, Antonie Blom, from

MIT, 2004,2007, Novell Inc., for System.Drawing

Long Live Our Beloved C#

WinterDev :)

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