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Lofi Player

A minimal music Lofi-Player with Youtube Data v3 API, Iframe API and a loot of JavaScript

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What is it?

Its a simple and minimalist Player with Lofi music style, builded with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, using Youtube Data API v3 for fetch Playlist videos count, Youtube Iframe API to render music as background. Parcel is a choosed Module Bundler because he is very simple, perfect for this project.

How to clone project

Note, dont forget to create a .env file with your Google API Credentials in Google Developers Console and active the Youtube Data API v3 in API Libraries.

  • To clone this repo
git clone
  • To change path
cd lofi-player
  • To install dependencies
yarn install
npm install
  • To run development server
yarn dev
npm run dev
  • To create static files
yarn pre-build
npm run pre-build
  • To deploy to github pages
yarn build
npm run build


All these amazing gifs and images that are used as a background are from this project and its repository and they have a store in which sell these gifs.



Laks Castro

Open Source

Copyright © 2020-present, Laks Castro.

Lofi Player is MIT licensed 💖

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