This repository contains code for paper "Sentiment Analysis for Sinhala Language using DeepLearning Techniques"
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Generating Reviews Discovering Sentiment1,361
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Code for "Learning to Generate Reviews and Discovering Sentiment"
Awesome Sentiment Analysis770
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😀😄😂😭 A curated list of Sentiment Analysis methods, implementations and misc. 😥😟😱😤
Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis288
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A paper list for aspect based sentiment analysis.
Awesome Nlp Sentiment Analysis275
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:book: 收集NLP领域相关的数据集、论文、开源实现,尤其是情感分析、情绪原因识别、评价对象和评价词抽取方面。
a year ago2
Worth-reading papers and related awesome resources on aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA). 值得一读的方面级情感分析论文与相关资源集合
6 years ago4
A Chinese sentiment dataset may be useful for sentiment analysis.
2 years ago3March 07, 201711apache-2.0Python
Code and data for inducing domain-specific sentiment lexicons.
a year ago5bsd-3-clausePython
GeDi: Generative Discriminator Guided Sequence Generation
Sa Papers108
5 years ago
📄 Deep Learning 中 Sentiment Analysis 論文統整與分析 😀😡☹️😭🙄🤢
Contextual Utterance Level Multimodal Sentiment Analysis97
2 years ago1Python
Context-Dependent Sentiment Analysis in User-Generated Videos
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Sinhala Sentiment Anlaysis using Deep Learning

This repository contains code for paper "Sentiment Analysis for Sinhala Language using DeepLearning Techniques"

Abstract of the Paper

Due to the high impact of the fast-evolving fields of machine learning and deep learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks have further obtained comprehensive performances for highly resourced languages such as English and Chinese. However Sinhala, which is an under-resourced language with a rich morphology, has not experienced these advancements. For sentiment analysis, there exists only two previous research with deep learning approaches, which focused only on document-level sentiment analysis for the binary case. They experimented with only three types of deep learning models. In contrast, this paper presents a much comprehensive study on the use of standard sequence models such as RNN, LSTM, Bi-LSTM, as well as more recent state-of-the-art models such as hierarchical attention hybrid neural networks, and capsule networks. Classification is done at document-level but with more granularity by considering POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, NEUTRAL, and CONFLICT classes. A data set of 15059 Sinhala news comments, annotated with these four classes and a corpus consists of 9.48 million tokens are publicly released. This is the largest sentiment annotated data set for Sinhala so far.

Download Data Set and Word Embedding Models

Word embedding models:

Data set:


For now, cite our following papers if the work find useful:

  title={Sentiment Analysis for Sinhala Language using Deep Learning Techniques},
  author={Senevirathne, Lahiru and Demotte, Piyumal and Karunanayake, Binod and Munasinghe, Udyogi and Ranathunga, Surangika},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.07280},
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