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Pytorch Exercises

Pytorch is one of the most popular deep learning libraries as of 2017. One possible way of familiarizing yourself with it, I think, is to practice with simple quizzes. That's where this project comes in. The outline will be as follows, though it's not fixed. If you find this helpful, you may like my other repos:

CHAPTER 1. Tensors

CHAPTER 2. Neural Networks

  • Linear Layers/Functions (WIP)
  • Convolution Layers/Functions (WIP)
  • Recurrent Layers (WIP)
  • Pooling Layers/Functions (WIP)
  • Dropout Layers/Functions (WIP)
  • Padding Layers (WIP)
  • Normalization Layers/Functions (WIP)
  • Activations (WIP)
  • Sparse Layers (WIP)
  • Loss (WIP)
  • Distance (WIP)
  • Initialization (WIP)
  • Optimization (WIP)
  • Utilities (WIP)

Sep., 2017
Created by Kyubyong
Reviewed by yj

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