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An async C# wrapper library for the Pinterest API.


I'm not maintaining this regularly as I don't use it that much. If you have any issues or request please create a new issue and I'll have a look.


New in version 2.0

A lot of the changes are code cleanup and refactoring, but there is a few new features.

Rate limit information

Information about rate limits are now stored on the PinSharpClient in the property RateLimits

It contains information about the request limit and remaining requests and when this information was last updated (i.e. the time of your last request through this client).


The client now throws its own exceptions all extending from PinSharpException.

For example a PinSharpRateLimitExceededException will be thrown if the rate limit has been exceeded.

Breaking changes in version 2.0

All return types have generally been changed from a concrete class to an interface, e.g. Pin to IPin. BoardDetails and UserDetails have also been renamed in the process to IDetailedBoard and IDetailedUsers.


  • PinterestClient renamed to PinSharpClient
  • PinterestAuthClient renamed to PinSharpAuthClient
  • PinterestApi made internal
  • Scopes.WriteRelationShips renamed to Scopes.WriteRelationsships


  • PinSharp.IHttpClient moved to PinSharp.Http.IHttpClient
  • PinSharp.Models.ImageInfo moved to PinSharp.Models.Images.ImageInfo


  • Models
    • BoardDetails removed - merged into Board and exposed as IDetaildBoard interface
    • UserDetails removed - merged into User and exposed as IDetailedUser interface
    • UserBoard removed - merged into Board and exposed as IUserBoard interface
    • UserPin removed - merged into Pin and exposed as IUserPin interface
  • Counts
    • BoardCounts removed - merged into new Counts and exposed as IBoardCounts interface
    • PinCounts removed - merged into new Counts and exposed as IPinCounts interface
    • UserCounts removed - merged into new Counts and exposed as IUserCounts interface
  • Images
    • BoardImages removed - merged into new ImageList and exposed as IBoardImageList interface
    • PinImages removed - merged into new ImageList and exposed as IPinImageList interface
    • UserImages removed - merged into new ImageList and exposed as IUserImageList interface


You need an access token to use the API.

If you don't have one already you can generate one here:

// Create a client with your access token
var client = new PinSharpClient("AB_IBS7Q0fFQbXJ90JGtSDXNMV-tEBkfLftbK6JCpEWkGoA_MwAAAAA");

// Get board information
var board = await client.Boards.GetBoardAsync("machineshopcafe/best-of-mclaren-machine");

// Get pins on board
var pins = await client.Boards.GetPinsAsync("machineshopcafe/best-of-mclaren-machine");

// Get pins on board but only with the 'board' field as dynamic or your own type
var pins = await client.Boards.GetPinsAsync<dynamic>("rice_up/tableware", new[] { "board" });

// Get user info of the user associated with the access token
var user = await client.Me.GetUserAsync();

// Get pins of the user associated with the access token
var pins = await client.Me.GetPinsAsync();

// Get boards of the user associated with the access token
var boards = await client.Me.GetBoardsAsync();

// Search the associated user's pins or boards
var pins = await client.Me.SearchPinsAsync("mclaren");
var boards = await client.Me.SearchBoardsAsync("mclaren");

// Create new pin
var newPin = await client.Pins.CreatePinAsync("machineshopcafe/best-of-mclaren-machine", "", "Looks so cool!");

// Follow/unfollow board or user
await client.Me.FollowBoardAsync("machineshopcafe/best-of-mclaren-machine");
await client.Me.UnfollowBoardAsync("machineshopcafe/best-of-mclaren-machine");
await client.Me.FollowUserAsync("machineshopcafe");
await client.Me.UnfollowUserAsync("machineshopcafe");


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