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Slider Flow

JQuery slider with scrolling navigation

Need JQuery and JQuery UI

Version 0.2
  • new parameter {equalHeight : true}. Sets the height of each cell is the largest cell

How to use

1. First need connect jquery.sliderFlow script
<script src=”jquery.sliderFlow.min.js”></script>
2. Create HTML
<div id="slider">
	<ul class="slider-container">
		<li class="slide"></li>
		<li class="slide"></li>
3. Initialization function for the desired element
$(function() {
		container : '.slider-container',
		navigation : '.slider-navigation',
		slide : '.slide',
		equalHeight : true,
		speed : 300
  • container - <ul> containter class.
  • navigation - class for navigation line.
  • slide - class one slide.
  • speed - speed of transition to new slide.
  • equalHeight - sets the height of each cell is the largest cell.
Rebuild slider for new items
Check changes slides
$('#slider').on('slidechange', function(e, a){
	// a - value of index current slide.
Go to specified slide
var slideIndex = 4;
$('#slider').trigger('slideTo', slideIndex);

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