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Ockero is a 2D OpenGL game framework developed in Kotlin that works in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


  • Java JDK
  • IntelliJ IDEA (community or Ultimate edition)
  • Gradle

Getting Started


In the build.gradle of your Idea project you want to add the following script to download Koge and their dependencies from the maven central.

repositories {

dependencies {

    implementation 'com.github.kogelabs:ockero-jvm:<version>'

For more information on how to set up Ockero, please visit the Getting Started page.


The Wiki contains all the information you'll need to write a Ockero game. You can contribute to the Wiki directly here on GitHub!

Contributing to Ockero

Any contributions to Ockero projects on Github are welcome. When contributing, please follow the Ockero Community Code of Conduct.

Feel free to submit issues and enhancement requests.

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