A library to create holograms on Minecraft servers (1.8.8 ONLY)
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Display API, a library to create holograms on Minecraft servers (1.8.8 ONLY) You must add the API as your project dependencies and add this to plugins folder


  • For now, only 1.8.8 because i'm using some reflections
  • You can create a hologram server-side means that every player on the server will see it
  • And also a client-side that means you can customize it for every player (e.g money, rank...)
  • No blinking for server-side, but some blink on client-side
  • Auto refresh
  • Using Java 8


  • Make it no blinking on client-side
  • Make it multi-version
  • Add ProtocolLib as dependencies for safe-use
  • Add Gradle/Maven dependences for this project


Initialize the HologramManager on your main class:

HologramManager hologramManager; // Create a field to use on the whole project

public void onEnable(){
  this.hologramManager = new HologramManager(this); // Initialize the manager

public void onDisable(){
  hologramManager.clear(); // Clear all holograms created on this instance

Create a server-side hologram:

// A list of Text for the hologram (dynamics variables)
List<Text> listText = new ArrayList<>();
listText.add(() -> "Hello everyone");
listText.add(() -> "I'm a server-side hologram");

// Create the hologram, if a hologram exist on this location, it will return the hologram on location
hologramManager.createServer(listText, location, refresh);


Create a client-side hologram:

// A list of Text for the hologram (dynamics variables)
List<Text> listText = new ArrayList<>();
listText.add(() -> "Hello " + player.getName());
listText.add(() -> "I'm a client-side hologram");

// Create the hologram for the player only!
hologramManager.createClient(player, listText, location, refresh);

Interact with the hologram:

Hologram hologram = hologramManager.createServer(listText, location, refresh);

// When a player interact on the hologram, you can do somes actions!
hologram.interact(new Action(){
    public void execute(Player player){
      player.sendMessage("hi there!");


If you have a Hologram object, you can do with the HologramManager:

// Teleport a hologram on new location
hologramManager.teleport(hologram, location);
// Get a hologram by using location block
// Remove a hologram



Download the latest version on the Releases.


It will come later!


If you have somes issues with the API or if you have an idea, create an issue here

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