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React web

Yeoman generator for creating interactive web sites with React and Redux + Webpack, Flow, ES7+, Babel, Yarn, npm Scripts, i18n, Redux Saga, SCSS, CSS Modules

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About generator

Generator helps you initialize new interactive web site project.


  • Flow
  • React
  • Redux
  • i18n
  • Redux Saga
  • Webpack
  • ES7+
  • Babel
  • Yarn
  • npm Scripts
  • CSS Modules
  • SCSS

Getting Started


  • NodeJS v6.0 or newer
  • npm v3.10 or newer
  • yarn (to install run npm install --global yarn)
  • yo (to install run npm install -g yo, to update run npm update -g yo)
  • flow-typed (to install run npm install -g flow-typed)


  • Install: npm install -g generator-react-web
  • Run: yo react-web


  • Run: yarn run start to start dev server and watch for file changes
  • Run: yarn run build to build for production
  • For more information about the boilerplate, see its
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