A Python based movie recommender hosted using Flask
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A Python based movie recommender hosted using Flask


This movie recommender is made using Python3 and pandas, a powerful open source data analysis and manipulation tool and hosted on local server using Flask, a python web framework. It uses a vast dataset of movies and their user reviews, to derive correlation between a user's rating of various movies. Generalising this correlation for all movies and users, it provides you with accurate and relevant recommendations, based on the movie entered.



The dataset used consists of 100,000 ratings applied to 9,000 movies and is avaiable on the Group Lens Website.This application uses the Small dataset available on the webiste.

You can access the dataset here

How to Use

  1. Clone this repository onto your system. On Command Prompt, run the following command:
git clone
  1. Change your directory to MovieHype:
cd MovieHype
  1. Then run the follwing commands to run the application:
flask run
  1. Enter the url provided after running the previous commands into your web browser

The movie recommender is now ready for use!

Enter the name of a movie and receive recommendations of similar movies. Click on the movie recommended to check out its reviews and ratings.

Never run out of movies!!

To install flask follow this link
If application does not work after completing the previous steps, run it in a virtual environment
Copyright (c) 2020 Karan Malik
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