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Project has been deprecated, and superseded by Kable. If any needed features are available in Able but absent from Kable, please create an issue requesting the desired feature. Thank you.

The migration guide may be helpful for those transitioning from Able to Kable.



Provides a Kotlin Coroutines powered interaction with Android's Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) framework.

See Recipes page for usage examples.


When feasible, the API closely matches the Android Bluetooth Low Energy API, replacing methods that traditionally rely on BluetoothGattCallback calls with suspension functions.

Android BluetoothDevice Able Device
fun connectGatt(
    context: Context,
    autoConnect: Boolean,
    callback: BluetoothGattCallback
): BluetoothGatt
suspend fun connectGatt(
    context: Context
): ConnectGattResult1

1 Suspends until STATE_CONNECTED or non-GATT_SUCCESS is received, or connectGatt returns null, then returns ConnectGattResult:

sealed class ConnectGattResult {

    data class Success(val gatt: Gatt) : ConnectGattResult()

    sealed class Failure : ConnectGattResult() {

        /** Connection could not be established (e.g. device is out of range). */
        data class Connection(val cause: Exception) : Failure()

        /** Android's `BluetoothDevice.connectGatt` returned `null` (e.g. BLE off or unsupported). */
        data class Rejected(val cause: Exception) : Failure()
Android BluetoothGatt Able Gatt
fun disconnect(): Boolean
suspend fun disconnect(): Unit2
fun discoverServices(): Boolean
suspend fun discoverServices(): GattStatus3
fun getServices(): List
val services: List
fun getService(uuid: UUID): BluetoothGattService
fun getService(uuid: UUID): BluetoothGattService
fun readCharacteristic(
    characteristic: BluetoothGattCharacteristic
): Boolean
suspend fun readCharacteristic(
    characteristic: BluetoothGattCharacteristic
): OnCharacteristicRead3
fun writeCharacteristic(
    characteristic: BluetoothGattCharacteristic
): Boolean
suspend fun writeCharacteristic(
    characteristic: BluetoothGattCharacteristic,
    value: ByteArray,
    writeType: WriteType
): OnCharacteristicWrite3
fun writeDescriptor(
    descriptor: BluetoothGattDescriptor
): Boolean
suspend fun writeDescriptor(
    descriptor: BluetoothGattDescriptor,
    value: ByteArray
): OnDescriptorWrite3
fun requestMtu(mtu: Int): Boolean
suspend fun requestMtu(mtu: Int): OnMtuChanged3
fun readRemoteRssi(): Boolean
suspend fun readRemoteRssi(): OnReadRemoteRssi3
fun setCharacteristicNotification(
    characteristic: BluetoothGattCharacteristic,
    enable: Boolean
): Boolean
fun setCharacteristicNotification(
    characteristic: BluetoothGattCharacteristic,
    enable: Boolean
): Boolean

2 Suspends until STATE_DISCONNECTED or non-GATT_SUCCESS is received, then calls close() on underlying BluetoothGatt.
3 Throws RemoteException if underlying BluetoothGatt call returns false.
3 Throws GattResponseFailure if an error occurs while waiting for response (e.g. connection is lost).


The primary entry point is the BluetoothDevice.connectGatt(context: Context): ConnectGattResult extension function. This extension function acts as a replacement for Android's BluetoothDevice.connectGatt(context: Context, autoConnect: Boolean, callback: BluetoothCallback): BluetoothGatt? method (which relies on a BluetoothGattCallback). The autoConnect parameter is not configurable (and is always false).


Able expects that Android Bluetooth Low Energy is supported (BluetoothAdapter.getDefaultAdapter() returns non-null) and usage prerequisites (e.g. bluetooth permissions) are satisfied prior to use; failing to do so will result in RemoteException for most Able methods.

Structured Concurrency

During the connectGatt and disconnect process, Able will ensure that connections are cleaned up (i.e. close will always be called on the underlying BluetoothGatt) in the event of failure or Coroutine cancellation:

fun connect(context: Context, device: BluetoothDevice) {
    val job = launch {

    launch {
        delay(1_000L) // Assume, for this example, that BLE connection takes more than 1 second.

        // Cancels the `launch` Coroutine and automatically closes the underlying `BluetoothGatt`.

Note that in the above example, if the BLE connection takes less than 1 second, then the established connection will not be cancelled and result will be ConnectGattResult.Success.

Once a connection is established (connectGatt returns ConnectGattResult.Success) then it will remain connected until disconnect() is called. It is the responsibility of the caller to clean up the connection when no longer needed (via disconnect).



Maven Central

To use Able in your Android project, setup your build.gradle as follows:

repositories {
    jcenter() // or mavenCentral()

dependencies {
    implementation "$version"


Able provides a number of packages to help extend it's functionality:

Package Functionality
keep-alive Provides a keep-alive GATT (which automatically reconnects when connection is lost).
processor A Processor adds the ability to process (and optionally modify) GATT data
pre-write or post-read.
throw Adds extension functions that throw exceptions on failures for various BLE
timber-logger Routes Able logging through Timber.


Copyright 2020 JUUL Labs, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

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