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NASM Bootloader

A collection of small 512 byte programs that are capable of finding, loading, then executing a program on a FAT12/16 formatted floppy or hard disk (including USB and CDs). Typically, this would be used as a boot sector for an operating system, second stage bootloader, or low level kernel.


Requires an i8086 or better CPU.

The bootloader supports any size up to a maximum of 2GB. This is due to using the BIOS interrupt call 13h service 02h in support for older hardware. Please note that when using a hard drive that is 2GB in size, this bootloader may allocate ~256KB of RAM in order to load the entire File Allocation Table (FAT) into memory; therefore, leaving approximately 272KB of conventional memory for loading your program or kernel (assuming at least 1mb of ram).

Both boot12.asm and boot16.asm require a few pre-defined variables to be set before use. These variables are BOOT_ADDR, STACK_ADDR, BUFFER_ADDR, and LOAD_ADDR. Leaving them at the default values should be fine, except for when loading a program that is more than ~24KB or if the disk is using a large cluster size such as 32KB, as it will overlap into the bootloader and stack.

While boot12_v2.asm and boot16_v2.asm reallocate themselves to the top of conventional memory, allocate space for the stack and File Allocation Table (FAT). Then finally searching for and load the program at the physical address specified by LOAD_ADDR. This code is inspired by BootProg.


To install QEMU click here, or type:

$ sudo apt-get install qemu

To install Nasm click here, or type:

$ sudo apt-get install nasm

As for getting yourself an i686-elf cross-compiler you can click here for more information on compiling it yourself, or just use some precompiled binaries here. Lastly, if you are using Windows, please download a port of dd for installing the bootsector to the floppy disk image.


To checkout the source and build:

$ git clone
$ cd NASM-Bootloader/
$ make

A build should look like this:

$ make
nasm src/boot12.asm -f elf -g3 -F dwarf -o obj/boot12.o
i686-elf-ld obj/boot12.o  -e entryPoint -m elf_i386 -Ttext=0x7c00 -o bin/boot12.elf
objcopy bin/boot12.elf -O binary bin/boot12.bin
nasm src/boot16.asm -f elf -g3 -F dwarf -o obj/boot16.o
i686-elf-ld obj/boot16.o  -e entryPoint -m elf_i386 -Ttext=0x7c00 -o bin/boot16.elf
objcopy bin/boot16.elf -O binary bin/boot16.bin
nasm src/boot12_v2.asm -f bin -o bin/boot12_v2.bin
nasm src/boot16_v2.asm -f bin -o bin/boot16_v2.bin
nasm src/demo.asm -f bin -o bin/demo.bin

To build without a cross-compiller:

$ nasm src/boot12.asm -f bin -o bin/boot12.bin
$ nasm src/boot16.asm -f bin -o bin/boot16.bin
$ nasm src/boot12_v2.asm -f bin -o bin/boot12_v2.bin
$ nasm src/boot16_v2.asm -f bin -o bin/boot16_v2.bin


To install the bootloader:

$ make install

A successful install should look like:

$ make install
dd if=./bin/boot12.bin of=floppy.img bs=1 skip=62 seek=62
rawwrite dd for windows version 0.6beta3.
Written by John Newbigin <[email protected]>
This program is covered by terms of the GPL Version 2.

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