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Google Translate Server

No Maintenance Intended


After a lot of "googling", I'm sorry to confirm that similar approaches are NO LONGER WORKING now. And you HAVE TO own a Google Developer account for the simple task.

BUT! DO try out the DeepL API! As far as my uses cases are concerned, it works a lot better than Google Translate! Everyone end up here comes for the same reason, and I hope DeepL can be a better successor for you!

A express.js server wrapper for google-translate-cn-api

Use Google Translate API WITHOUT a Google account!


  • Updated, use Google Translate Web API;
  • Open Source, FREE forever;
  • Cross Language, simple REST API, basic url request in any language;
  • Fast, choose your local Google Translate domian (eg.;
  • Auto Correction;
  • ZERO Config, docker ready, start service in 1 minute.



curl http://localhost:30031/?text=I spea Dutch!&to=zh-cn


  "text": "我说荷兰语!",
  "from": {
    "language": {
      "didYouMean": false,
      "iso": "en"
    "text": {
      "autoCorrected": false,
      "value": "I speak Dutch!",
      "didYouMean": true
  "raw": ""

Use docker Recommended

docker run -it --rm -p 30031:30031 -e "DOMAIN=cn" johndope/google-translate-server

Run directly


npm i


# start with default port 30031
npm start

# specify port
yarn start -- -p 30032

# specify domain
# eg:
# default:
yarn start -- -d cn

Use docker-compose

# start with default port 30031
docker-compose up

# specify port
PORT=30032 docker-compose up

# specify domain
DOMAIN=cn docker-compose up

Client Example


curl http://localhost:30031/?text=hello&to=zh-cn


import requests
from urllib.parse import urlencode

    'text': 'I spea Dutch!',  # this input will trigger auto-suggestion
    'from': 'en',  # leave blank to auto detect
    'to': 'zh-cn',
    # 'raw': 'true',  # response contains unparsed response
    # 'domain': 'cn'  # change google translate domain, overrides default domain

More details about query parameters: google-translate-api and google-translate-cn-api.

It's worth mention that, with google-translate-cn-api, you can now specify something like domain: 'cn' in the parameter to use your local Google Translate domain. Mode details can be found here.



Github: John-Theo/google-translate-server

Docker Hub: johndope/google-translate-server


This application comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

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