Gatsby Starter Material Album

A Gatsby and Material UI image gallery
Alternatives To Gatsby Starter Material Album
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
2 years agon,ullgpl-3.0Java
LeafPic is a fluid, material-designed alternative gallery, it also is ad-free and open source under GPLv3 license. It doesn't miss any of the main features of a stock gallery, and we also have plans to add more useful features.
Angular_components384160262 years ago51March 23, 2021113bsd-3-clauseDart
The official Material Design components for AngularDart. Used at Google in production apps.
Material Icon Font37
4 years ago3apache-2.0HTML
Material design icon styles (baseline, outline, round, sharp) built into font weights.
Study Snap34
5 months agomitDart
📓📲 Flutter app for managing study materials in form of photos.
Relay Gallery28
5 years ago1January 31, 2017mitJavaScript
A gallery web app using React, Relay and Graphql
Tool Gallery 5.116
4 years agomit
Materials for ACDH Tool Gallery 5.1
2 years ago3gpl-3.0Java
Minimal design gallery app for Android.
Material Photo Gallery9
4 years ago4JavaScript
a vanilla JavaScript material design photo gallery plugin
Ngx Storage Firebaseui9
a year ago6mitTypeScript
Angular Material UI components for firebase storage
Material Photo Gallery7
7 years agoJavaScript
Alternatives To Gatsby Starter Material Album
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Gatsby Material Album

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  • Material UI styling
  • Pagination
  • Exif data parsing


I've been a big fan of the way Gatsby creates blog post pages dynamically via Markdown files.

So I figured why not apply the same logic to images in a gallery?

This starter uses the Gatsby Node APIs to accomplish two things.

  • It creates a new page from each image file,

  • and creates custom node fields so their exif data can be accessed via GraphQl.

Getting Started

Either clone the repo with

git clone

Or use the Gatsby CLI

gatsby new material-album

then simply run


to install dependencies

Adding your own images

This project reads a given image's exif data using fast-exif.

However, you'll need to edit your own image's exif data first.

The best way of accomplishing this appears to be ExifTool.

Once installed, you can quickly edit your exif data via the CLI as such:

exiftool -ImageDescription="by Mike Gorrell" -DocumentName="Lost In Thought" -Copyright="" src/images/mike-gorrell-61cMb0WQAMA-unsplash.jpg

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Based On

Material UI Gatsby Starter

Material UI Album Template

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