Sketch 3 Plugin that makes SpriteSheets for game developers to export or use
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Alternatives To Sprite
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Sheetie 1.OV

Sketch 3 Plugin that makes SpriteSheets to export or use.

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http://sketchapp.com/extensions/plugins/-sketchapp official plugin website.



Install from repo

  • Download and open Sheetie-master folder.
  • Navigate the Sketch menu bar to Plugins Reveal Plugins Folder...
  • Place Sheetie.sketchplugin into the revealed plugins directory.
  • Download and open Sheetie-master folder.
  • Double click Sheetie.sketchplugin.

How to Use

  • Once the plugin is installed navigate to the plugins menu item and find Sheetie > make sheet.
  • Once the plugin is installed use the command command+shift+b.


  • This plugin works with the latest version of Sketch 3 (if it does'nt start an issue).
  • This plugin is useful for game developers.


  • Change the artboard's color from white to purple upon start.(done 7/16/2016)
  • Group all layers upon start.(done 7/17/2016)
  • Lock all layers upon start.(done 7/17/2016)
  • Increase the size of the artboards.(done 7/16/2016)
  • prompt the user so they can make different sized artboards.(done 7/16/2016)
  • able to change between SpriteSheet square sizes default is 8px atm.(done 7/23/2016)
  • In options prompt let the user change the background and grid colors.
  • add keyboard shortcut.(done 7/23/2016)


  • Just start a new issue or make a branch.
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