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Simple Node.js temporary email service built with Koa, RethinkDB, Nodemailer, Pug, Bootstrap and Handlebars.js.

The app consists of two parts: a web frontend for viewing stored mail and a SMTP server which accepts messages and saves them in the database.

Use it now at



  1. Clone this repo:
git clone && cd pleasenospam
  1. Install dependencies:
docker-compose run -e NODE_ENV= --rm --no-deps app npm install
  1. Start the mail server:
docker-compose up -d mail
  1. Start the frontend and watch for changes:
docker-compose run -e NODE_ENV= --rm --service-ports app npm run watch


  1. Follow the first two development steps.

  2. Configure config/docker.json with any custom setting overrides

  3. Configure docker-compose.yml with Docker options and ports to use

  4. Start the production frontend, database and mail servers:

docker-compose up

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